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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Patrick Dempsey said that Brooke was too ... Orgasmic

Hi, dear inhabitans we have more news on the cancellation of the homophobic character of Brooke Smith, ABC has not released many arguments to convince anyone to justify the dismissal of Brooke, there is no chemistry between the actors, that Brooke does not fit the role , and even has come to say that Brooke is not sufficiently attractive to interpret the character of a lesbian ( Whattt ? this is one of the most preposterous things I've heard so far), because they do not keep quiet once the lords of ABC, is the best we can do and I think that silence would be better, because to say things like this ...

The actor Patrick Dempsey has given its opinion on the matter in a way ... very diplomatic, but at the same time very clear.

Patrick was on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and obviously she asked him about this matter. To which Patrick, to the astonishment of all and leaving evidence to the ABC said instead of answering naturally smiled and said: "The ABC has sent me a script of what I need to answer" and then takes a role of his jacket pocket and read the note.

Patrick read that Brooke had done a good job and his character had been very good, and that the conclusion was that his character had been "orgasmic" ... Very sorry that I am dyslexic meant Organic ... and this puts an end to history.

"I think history has come to an end," said Patrick to Ellen. "The night of Thursday is his last episode, and it seems to me wrong, that it was a great character, and I do not know what happened with that story. They decided not to continue for some unknown reason.

The reason my dear Patrick is an 8 letter word that begins with H and ends with A ...

. Homophobia .

Then I leave them with the video of Dr. Derek Shepherd ...

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