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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodbye Callica ... you never forget

Hi, dear inhabitans, today I feel, disgusted, outraged and do not finish believe the news that I'm going to give, I regret with all the pain in my heart that there will be no more CALLICA on TV, the ABC Network executives have decided to end this couple so dear to us.

Dr. Erica Hann, no more work in the Seattle Gray's Hospital, the last we'll see, in the chapter on Thursday : (

The company ABC has dismissed the actress Brooke Smith and eliminated the character because(and pay attention to the reasons which justify this decision according to them) to the People of the TV station had problems with "explicit that it was this relationship" And have decided to get rid of the character as soon as possible.
I do not know girls after this, whether to laugh or mourn, as it may be possible that in the twenty-first century, there are "reasons" as to justify the cancellation of a character and the dismissal of an actress.

All this took surprises for both the Brooke itself as the producer Shonda Rhimes, who had no choice but to give him the bad news to the actress, who was in shock, and the other hand, our Sara Ramírez was shocked and I need some days to digest the news, it was surprising to all members of the cast.

Brooke said it cut the character and history of root, the last scene was of her walking towards his car. She was thrilled with the story of Callie and Erica, and things would happen to the characters and story, but suddenly end up with everything and do not know what to think, Brooke tells us that at the beginning came to believe that she had done something wrong But then understood to be due to prejudices and the "things" Television, Brooke knows that is not the fault of neither it nor any of Shonda (who did rewrite the scripts).

Everybody is upset with this decision, we think wrongly that the relationship would take something as natural as taking a heterosexual relationship, and that it would show in the series a love story, no matter the sex of their players, but we were wrong.

But that's not all ladies are no more ... ABC has also changed the script that other characters are developed around Callica, is the new actress Melissa George's will no longer have a bisexual character, it was assumed that she would begin to flirt with Callie, but now will not happen none of that.

Have removed all lesbian content of the series and that's a fact Homophobic ... lords of ABC

The producer Shonda Rhimes sought to clarify (I guess it has to pay their bills) that is not by the character of Erica Hann was a lesbian, but because there was no chemistry between the two characters then? Callica is a hallucination of our minds ladies..

Please believe is that we are stupid?, Things are very clear to all. Do not insult our intelligence ...

From now on you have to be careful in saying things like: "I have no experience south of the border, or Vaginalandia is uncharted territory," and not to say that they should not for any reason "See sheets" ... because it is very explicit sexual content and may inconvenience to the suceptibilidad of executives in television and therefore lose the job.

Since LesPlanet we express our deepest indignation at what happened, and hope that some day all this garbage of homophobia and discrimination finish once, and I feel shame others, to see acts such as these in the twenty-first century and of communication media, I feel sorry, sorry for a lot of those people ... so poor, so close-minded and soul, with so little humanity that the word homophobic is not enough.

Well girls I know who think like this, leave your comments ...

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3 comentarios:

Hi, I'm a new reader of your blog ( I think since 2 month ) I love your video. I'm french, so excuse m'y english. I don't speak spanish.
I'm shocked about this decision.
French-serie doesn't speak at all of homosexuality. The American-serie are good for that (I think immediatly to the L word). It's an homophobic attitude for the ABC part. With that attitude, how do you want struggle against homophobic attitudes ???

I'm from the USA and also have been livid about this decision. It is sad to say that in this day and time people cannot "live and let live". It is my opinion that since we now have an African-American president who embraces all colors, sexual preferences and religions that our country will turn away from the ultra-conservative evangelicals that have run our country for the past 8 years. This change will take time. I'm sure you saw on tv last night all of the impromptu gatherings around the US when the election results were given. I'm 52 and have never seen anything like this after an election in this country. It was extremely encouraging. I wrote ABC as soon as I heard the news about Brooke Smith being let go. ABC is owned by Disney and apparently that is where the edict came to elimiate homo storylines. Please keep the faith! I believe President Obama will extend his hand out to ALL people and try to repair the international damage done to the image of the US by George Bush and his cronies. As you can see from the election results there are many, many people in this country that did not like him as well as people around the world. We now have hope. Please keep up the good work you do on this site. I've been a gawker for quite a while and really enjoy your blog.

Hi, I hope with all my heart that things will change, the hope I will always ... :)