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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans, our colorful planet, I bring the chapter number 06 of Callica, this week the story of Erica and Callie is full of feelings, confessions, infidelities and doubts.

Erica and Callie finally get to enjoy fully in bed, and Erica feels completely happy, confirms that it is like itself says: "So Extremely Gay", in tears and he confesses to Callie that it is important that it has discovered a new world, we already know and knowing that Callie, did not react as any of us would do well to a confession, bringing Erica looking fixedly at those blue eyes and giving it the kiss more passionate and tender ever since he had never ...... Well, no, not that he was scared and went, leaving Erica with a broken heart and ashamed of having opened up their feelings that way (as is Erica, we already know to do that has cost a lot).

As a result, we have an Erica, very angry with a bad mood or that she was already enduring Callie confused ..... as this history is resolved, because here are left to be discovered, I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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