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Sunday, October 26, 2008

CALLICA'S FAN FIC.... By Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Hey girls of LesPlanet, today we are going to put on a Fan Fic Callica of this latest episode 5 of season.

This Fan Fic has sent us a reader of LesPlanet and asked us if we could publish it, and as we have always said LesPlanet is all that's here, you've got the story, we hope you enjoy it. Publish it weekly the rest of Fanfics our friend Lidia.

Fanfics can see more of the previous episodes of this 5th season in her blog

All the characters belong to Shonda Rhimes

Date: October 25, 2008

Author: Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Comment: Fic after episode 5 of the fifth season. (Only for over 18 years)

Callie was the fourth of rest to meet with Erica, I wanted to retry her, that she could accomplish.

"Take off your pants" said Erica while watching the confused. "We will do it again," said Callie while removing her sweatshirt to a happy Erica.

It was close, the volume of the waist, looked to each other and kissed. Callie the help remove their clothes and lying in bed kissing and then follow it.

Callie drawing a line of kisses on her chest and abdomen with Erica until you reach your heart to give you pleasure. Erica felt a cold running around your body to feel the caresses of Callie and with their hands took tufts of hair Callie.Callie rose again, Erica kiss on the lips and whispering asked her to open her legs, enjoys Callie turned down of the moment and the groans of Erica.

Erica could not avoid not make noises with her mouth, picked up the sheets with force to avoid out of control and make everyone aware of what happened in that room. Callie continued with their caresses to make Erica reached the climax.

A strong sigh came from the lips of Erica, Callie came to her face and kiss her neck while Erica was returning to the world after what she had done Callie. Callie the look and smiled at her, Erica caresses the face of Callie and kiss.

Erica took a turn being on top of Callie, the warm kiss her hand slowly and under the blankets and skin Callie, while looking at them in the eyes that go into it by Callie close its eyes to enjoy the caresses of Erica.

Erica enjoyed seeing the face of Callie while mentioning her name. Finished exhausted, was lying in bed to rest and let out sighs of both their mouths.

Erica I look at Callie and hug, "Do you think?" Wonder Callie, Erica smiled, I raise her head and said, "It was incredible." Callie smiled to realize their success, to hug Eric and remained so for a few minutes. Touch the door of the room, it is Bailey, Callie takes the first thing she sees and puts it on top, Erica lurks just beneath the sheets. Bailey enters the room, go to Callie and said 'What the hell are you doing here?, The look and asked "And because surgeons got the shirt?". Callie had not realized that the shirt was Erica, to be just staying silent.

Bailey was not surprised approaching and said "Oh Callie I said no in the quarter-rest" to believe that Sloan is making the bush and remove the face of Erica finds that the surprises.

"Oh, I ... I'm sorry ... I thought I was here ... Sloan thousand apologies, can continue ... no, no, no ... I want you to get out of here already ... but first and then leave Wear" Bailey said while walking back to the gateway slightly sorry for what I had just seen.

When you exit Bailey, Callie look to Erica and both laughed it had just come in, they were more fun than embarrassing. It took a few seconds of silence until Erica said, "Mmm .. You look sexy with my shirt "Callie river fun for the commentary, Erica hug and kiss.


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