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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maternity by artificial insemination...

Hi LesPlanet's friends, along with the articles of lesbian motherhood that started in a previous post, after having seen the alternatives we have to be able to have a family with our partner, usually the majority opted for artificial insemination with either known or father unknown.

Then let us explain that this is the Artificial Insemination and that types of insemination exist.

Types of Insemination

Artificial insemination is a technique used to produce fertilization between an oocyte or egg and a sperm for the purpose of achieving conception. According to the characterizations usual types of insemination would be defined by the origin of semen or the cavity where the semen is deposited.

There are two types of inseminations linked to the origin of semen:

1) insemination with sperm from known donor.

2) insemination with sperm from anonymous donor.

In the first case with fresh sperm, washed (selects the sperm with greater mobility and centrifuged to separate the seminal plasma of other infectious particles) and the insemination was performed a few minutes later.

In the second case, the insemination is done with anonymous sperm cryopreserved, that is, material (pre-washing) and frozen for use at the time of ovulation. Also there are three other types related to the place where the practice:

1) Intrauterine

2) Intracervical

3) Intravaginal.

IUI. During the IUI, or intrauterine insemination sperm are introduced (in a gel) into the uterus through a thin cannula sterilized. The technique on the sperm to the fallopian tubes. This shortens the distance increasing the likelihood of success. The success rate estimated to stimulation between 10 and 20 per cent per cycle, increasing in each cycle.

The cost of intrauterine insemination varies widely depending on the state in which the procedure is performed. In general, the cost of intrauterine insemination can reach or even exceed $ 5000. This figure includes the cost of consultations and visits pre-and post-insemination, the medication for fertility, the processing of sperm and the insemination itself.

ICI. The IntraCervical insemination (ICI) is the placement of sperm into the neck of the uterus through a catheter sterile fine with the intention of traveling to the uterus to fertilize an egg. It is more economical than IUI but is less effective for the longest distance that the sperm must travel. A typical procedure could cost between $ 2000 to $ 3000.

IVI. Intravaginal insemination in the semen is deposited in the vagina, is the most economical, although it is estimated that the chances of effectiveness down even more. All procedures require the advice, control and supervision of a / a female fertility specialist.

All you need to be cover the costs of medical equipment required for this procedure dischargeable. The costs could reach $ 500 if you prefer to use a sperm donor or if you'd like taking medication to improve fertility.

All practices require a washing of semen except intravaginal insemination, which can be done with full semen. There are several techniques for washing seminal, the most widely used is the Swim Up, but also used the gradient density and filtering by fiberglass. By Swim Up isolate themselves and sort the sperm with increased mobility. It uses a computer that the centrifuge seminal fluid separating the plasma and other infectious particles. The sperm that amount are considered the best, that material is mixed with other liquids depending on the type of insemination.

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