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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trip to home ...

Hi girls here I bring a erotic storie at the end of the weekend we come back with renewed forces to work ...

I liked these trips by bus, at least one Friday per month returned to my charming village where I hoped my family. Spent two years working in Madrid and every time we returned to my hometown I felt happy. Whenever I was listening to the music and managed to get a window seat in the last row of the bus.

That trip was by my side to a woman about 45 years, very elegant and almost tell me that very sexy, it was the image that I'd like to have when you have those years. It noted that tending his body and his image to detail.

When I arrived she was already seated and greeted me what I answered with my best smile.

That day toward enough heat and air conditioning had not worked too well. The woman turned to me and I saw their lips moving but not heard what they said, had helmets posts, I remove them.

-- Forgive me had not noticed that you were listening to music. - told me.

-- No matter-answered.

-- Only you said that some considerable heat, right? the air should not function.

-- Yes, that seems.

-- Because I want my power as your dress, alone with your skirt and your blouse, plus I see that not wearing bra, and the fabric of skirt is very slight, is not it?

And as I read it approached his hand to my thigh and put it over to touch my skirt.

-- Take it lightly because if ...

And it was a good time playing the skirt as well as my thigh. At first I gave no importance, until her hand was slowly falling into the thigh. Close my legs and I instinctively stay stare into the eyes, nor is it immutable continued with the movement of his left hand and right between my thighs.

-- Honey-told me-not you put on the defensive was only checking if the skirt is lining, can I?

And as I said this relaxes a bit and let the legs that raise their hand a bit above always between my thighs. I noticed that nobody was realizing what was happening and she realized.

-- Do not worry that nobody sees us, but certainly as you stay calm.

And he put his bag over her legs, which prevented anyone could see what was happening in my seat.

It was shamelessly playing inside my thighs and for the first time I felt that she was abusing me, but I did not say anything. Who could say? I dressed informally a young woman could not do anything like that before a lady, I believe nobody will tell if I was poking hand.

She continued stroking my thighs and becoming more and more to my panties. I felt like a finger be opened step by raising the rubber of panties and playing with my pubic hair.

-- Do not you waxing? told me-in-summer you will even more fresh.

I do not say anything just settlements with the head, I felt manipulated by one woman who left no whisper of things to your ear so that nobody heard us.

Her hand was almost entirely within my panties and continued to tighten their fingers in my hair, but knew that in the end come up my sex. Apart completely my panties to one side and move a finger along and wet my lips.

-- These wet affection ...

She grabbed her arm forcefully with one hand to avoid further.

-- You will not get anything, relax, enjoy watch.

While the rest of passage not learned anything, her hand was still playing with my pussy and no one realized anything. Her finger was emerging between my lips until she came to my clitoris, the first time you played a small jump on my site, but it was clear that she could not do nothing to prevent that invasion of my privacy and I decided to enjoy everything I could. I opened completely legs and let me do what she wanted.

-- So I like to enjoy this moment ... but you're more comfortable to download a bit panties.

I could not believe, but I did everything she asked me. I sank my hands below me under her skirt and panties a bit, enough that her hand could not work freely and panties were overwhelmed at the side of my sex.

-- Well, since we go the skirt a little more ...

And so I did, I could not believe that women could ask me what I wanted, with her hand on my pussy could make me what I wanted. It was now open legs almost overwhelmed with the skirt at the waist and panties were already almost at the ankles, if any of the passenger seats had been right in front surprised when he saw a girl open legs, with the pussy air and another woman caresses the pussy.

Already in that position I continued playing for quite a while, playing with my clitoris, I get a couple of fingers inside me to be looking my pussy, finally, toward what she wanted me. I was close to get my first orgasm and she realized that accelerated the pace of her finger in my clitoris. She grabbed the arm to know what was happening and closed eyes. The orgasm was very intense and was accompanied by the announcement of the proximity of our destiny.

She continued playing with my pussy few minutes more and I enjoy the caresses of one woman who reminded me of the pleasures of a good masturbation.

When terminated its meeting on sex in my pussy took their fingers in their mouths and suck savoring its taste, the taste of my sex.

Duck a bit and picked up my record of soil and are kept in the bag, which drew a ticket and then write a phone number gave me.

-- If you buy other panties and if you want to spend another good time call me.

I get off the skirt and I arranged a little sweat because I had broken the makeup.

When we got to stop us raise seat at the same time, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said goodbye to me.

I saw her away while my family was approached to greet my all and go home. The lost sight but kept the ticket in the bag. When we get home the first thing I did was give me a bath and I masturbate thinking of her and her caresses.

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