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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesbian Resort....

Hello girls, their story that the company Olivia, (the hosts cruise lesbian) has announced that it will create Olivia Communities, a resort comprising 334 houses in Tucson, Arizona, as well as what they read is a luxury residential lesbian.

Of course, Olivia does not discriminate against anyone not necessarily have to be lesbian or woman to live there (where everyone wants to live) but the company has created this project and has focused primarily towards the lesbian community.

In this Resort not only will the residents that their apartments if not also enjoy: a nightclub, a gym, two heated swimming pools, a playground for dogs, a fitness center and a hint of volleyball.

But, if everything you think little will also be with someone responsible for coordinating activities to entertain at all times to the residents.

The owners, will have access to all events at the site, especially for them.

Imagine listening to one of their favorite artists live while enjoying a drink near the pool or see the film premiere of new film festivals.

Well, you know people, if they're thinking of buying a house or having a place to relax here is a great option (I want one of those houses ...).

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