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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New homosexual "on line" TV channel ...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet apparently another European country joins the race for gay liberation becoming a reality television project as an exclusively gay.

Romania inaugurated next October 1 its first television across the Internet to the community of homosexuals in this country, called "TV Angelicus."

The start of the broadcast will be held that day in Bucharest and in the cities of Brasov and Cluj, said today the agency Mediafax.

"This is the first television dedicated to the gay community in Romania" said Lucian Dunareanu, director of the station and also future partnership "Be An Angel Romania."

"It's an information project of the gay community that will be added to the magazine on the Internet and the newsletter" we currently have. It will be a small consortium, "said Dunareanu.

For the new television work as volunteers and about ten people, while funding is secured by a gay organization in Germany.

Dunareanu explained that among the programs include a morning, "Miss travesty Romania 2008", and a project called "Sunt altfel" (I'm different), which recounts episodes of the lives of gays and lesbians, and news reports about this community in Romania and the world, as well as films.

The events dedicated to homosexuals, as the Gay Film Festival to be held in October in Cluj, will be widely reflected, said Duneareanu, who assured that "TV Angelicus" never deliver movies or obscene materials.

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