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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympic medals of our planet

Hi dear inhabitants of our planet behind the rainbow, I am counting that of the 13 lesbian and bisexual women who competed in the Olympic Games in Beijing, (there are more unconfirmed, but here we only confirmed for those who have left outed) because of the athletes on our planet the vast majority have managed gold medals, silver or bronze.


Gro Hammerseng our captain handball preferred 28-year-old openly gay led his team to victory.

Norway win 34-27 against Russia in the Olympic final this weekend, assuring Norwegian for the first Olympic gold medal.

The team, which is also her partner (also openly gay) and left Katja Nyberg. Katja Nyberg is the third largest annotation team.

This is the preferred partner among athletes of our planet.

At the ceremony Katja said to journalists after the match "I think I am the happiest person on earth right now," "I think our speed was the ticket for the gold medal today."

This victory for the team coincided with the 29 birthday Katja said: "I am not worried about my birthday now, but it's nice that my companions give me this gold as a birthday gift"


The representatives Olympic our planet are Vicky Galindo and Lauren Lappin, were not made with the gold medal but made a great display of game.

For the first time since 2000, the U.S. football team lost the gold in the Olympic Games, when they were beaten by Japan 3-1 in the finals last week. The team takes the Silver medal.

Vicky Galindo

Lauren Lappin


Natasha Kai, publicly came out of the closet just before the start of the Olympic Games, when it was revealed in an interview with NBCOlympics.com he had "a hard time" when initially joined in January. "I had lost the first camp in early January because he had bronchitis and I was going through a bad break with my girlfriend," he said.

The bronze medal went to football in Germany, which beat Japan 2-0 for third place. Among the bronze medalists is Linda Bresonik 24-year-old German midfielder who left the cabinet year pasado.Bresonik has played well since the beginning of the Olympic Games, but he hurt his ankle in a match against Sweden in the quarterfinals.

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