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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paco´s Women ...are back

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, which yesterday began counting them as they had been warned before, the issuance of the last 3 episodes of the 5 th season LHDP.
As I said we shall continue with the story of Pepa and Silvia just have to upload video material, that is when the series continues with the history of our favorite Polis.
In episode yesterday, nothing came of them (its history), was based chapter in the death of a member of LHDP Lucas, (former husband of Silvia, current boyfriend of Sara's daughter Paco), which was allegedly killed by the Kaiser (an offender care, to pursuing all this season).
Our girls like all the characters were at the funeral of Lucas, we see Pepa
a console Silvia(because despite Lucas divorced, they remained good friends).

It is celebrating the funeral of Lucas and all are very affected by his death, and in particular, Sara, who can not believe that Lucas has been ido forever. From the moment of the explosion of the car, the commander Salgado (who was investigating corruption by police to Lucas) initiated an investigation to find the facts, because the only witnesses the death of Lucas were Paco and Mariano.
Silvia conducts an hard investigation the mortal remains of unrecognizable by the explosion of Lucas, (research very hard for it) but who nevertheless takes place.
At the end is not that Lucas died in the explosion and that with the help of Paco and Mariano, pretending his death so that Salgado and the Kaiser left in peace, and leaves with Sara, away to a beach house make us believe all that is dead.

So far that's all, as I say, not PEPSI left almost nothing, I imagine that the next will be more as it sees progress in her van on a mission to catch the Kaiser where a woman leaves wound, not is clearly who is ..... have to wait (I hope Allison the bad girl... please,please).
Here are the pictures I leave the funeral and one of the next episode where we see our girls armed to the danger

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I love this show, well the story line of Pepsi.. as I'm in Bristol UK. Loving the blog by the way :)