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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Cyber Relationship ...

Hey LesPlanet's girls, today you put an item related to the cyber relations. This article is designed to teach you to be safe when you're connected to the Internet and includes our recommendations to help protect you from people who might want to deceive you. We hope that will help you discover the world and lesbian online yourself, too.


The network can be a wonderful thing that you open new worlds, especially if you're a teen lesbian. There is a tremendous amount of resources and sources of information at your fingertips. But, as well as put a girl of 10 year old who has never left a small town in the middle of a city, nor would it be a good idea to begin your journey cyberspace until they're properly prepared.


Electronic services allow personal freedoms that the real world does not offer. People aged 50 can become teenagers again. Rings of marriage are not visible in the virtual world.

If you're a teen lesbian, you're probably still "in the Closet" (a term that implies that no one even knows you're a lesbian) maybe you're beginning to understand and accept your sexual orientation. It can be very gratifying and liberating to find other girls that are connected to the Internet like you.

By this means you can get the support that you wanted and needed to find someone with whom you can talk to who understands what you're going and can relate to your own experiences.
All these factors combine to provide the confidence to give someone on the other side of the screen. Maybe, in some cases, you come to rely too much on the people.

You can at any time decide to join your virtual friend in the real world. In the real world it is cheaper to talk and is also more gratifying to have someone to talk face to face.

But I remind you, as in the real world, appearances can be deceptive. There are people who connect with the simple aim of finding people with whom to have sex. There is nothing wrong with that. The sex between consenting adults and consented to sex among younger people is not a bad thing.

We know many teens lesbians who are looking for, primarily, friendship, acceptance and someone that understands. Many of them are going difficult times and sometimes they do not have the good image of themselves that they should take. That happens a lot because of the homophobia that surrounds us. So it can be very nice if someone who knows that you are lesbian or bisexual loves you by your total person.

The problem is that some people believe that everyone is a potential sexual partner simply because they have the same sexual orientation. They know they can manipulate a teenager, using their sense of wanting to be loved. Or maybe, you can achieve manipulate saying that certain sexual activity is what it is all about being a lesbian.

Some people try to convince you to do things for which you will feel bad later. So it's important to remember that your body is yours and only yours, and you have the right to stop things always make you feel uncomfortable.


If you decide to join a virtual friend one day to make sure everything carefully. You never know someone in your hotel room or at her home. Meet only in a very safe environment, like a mall or restaurant popular. Meet either in a safe place several times before the first meet with the person somewhere private.

To some extent, you need to invest time to build confidence again, because things in the real world are not equal to things in the virtual world. The consequences of a mistake can not be turned off simply by turning off the computer.

If you decide to meet someone, make sure to inform your family wherever you are (you can do this without saying with whom you together, to talk about, and so, if you want to keep something private). Use your own transportation, or make sure you have money set aside to return to your home in case things do not go as expected and have to return home earlier than planned.

If you end up in a private then remember that your body is yours. Your body is under your control. If you do not want to be touched (any way) be sure to express it openly. If something starts to move out of line, beyond which you feel comfortable, then stop. And do not feel guilty to get respect.

Do not worry that these are uncomfortable with you or be afraid of that they like least. Do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable after all, you have to wake yourself every morning.

While not think there are many lesbian teens your age. Can be found online or at a local social group or activity to our community. If you become friends with a person of your age group and start to see more than just a friend, they naturally want to go out with her. According to the best you know you may choose to have sex as part of your relationship.

But be clear on something very important, a relationship does not necessarily imply having sex. Love is not synonymous with sex.

If that's the case then you should ALWAIS PRACTICE SAFE SEX.


We do not want to be afraid to everyone you know on the internet. In fact, electronic services are a kind of global resource for lesbians because for many teenagers is the first time we have the ability to find talk to someone.

We know many people of different ages lesbians have found that couples who really love on Internet, but also the people as unfair as there are everywhere So ALWAYS be careful.

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