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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lesbians are fashionable...

Hi girls of LesPlanet, careful when you go out to the street because we are fashionable, we are like the ferrari of humanity at this time any woman who is considered in the wave must be at least in her relationship list another woman...

That's because there was a time, back in the 90's, that being gay was fashionable, everyone had a gay best friend. The most fortunate to have two.

Nobody reminded lesbians, who were behind the blinds, hidden ... Now being gay is already outdated, good maybe not have as much success as before. But lesbians! We now if we are very trendy fashion.

And that is today being lesbian is as much to what anyone can aspire.

The lesbian love. Our look like much. Our attitude to love everyone. Our television series are the best.

In fact, is so fashionable to be a lesbian one of the famous, came to less, have decided to use a false lesbianism to return to be in the media. And that is to say that you're lesbian many headlines. And leave with a real lesbian, gives you many doorways.

It is a very risky marketing move, because it can go back and genial to be on the crest of the wave and then, as who does not want the thing, suffer syndrome Anne Heche and you can come back hetero.

If you go wrong and not revert to being famous, date time, which is something you happen. Your career will continue as sunken, but heard, a pair of Oprah's not you remove anyone.

For example, an organization of gay women accused the actress Lindsay Lohan to be a false lesbian, because they believe that after her alleged affair with Samantha Ronson grow back with men, we believe they are wrong, that the relationship is genuine and that there is love in this couple.

But this is not the first time a famous is involved with any woman in something that looks like a fashion.

One of the most famous cases is that of Angelina Jolie, who has never had misgivings about their emotional relationships, as in the case said that love, why put no limits.

However, last year the actress said that since being with Brad Pitt left behind relationships with women.

Drew Barrymore is on the list of famous women who reported their former romances with women. The innocent girl who conquered the world in the film ET stated years ago: "When I was younger used to go out with many women. I do not think it could be only one woman, that is not enough for me." But with the passage of time, the actress did not touch the issue.

Also the singer Pink said long ago that in addition to having been addicted to drugs when she was a teenager, her first love was a woman "We put us by the hand and kisses, but she left me by my brother," said the girl, who not has returned to talk about this matter.

A list of famous who have spoken about their "flexible" sexuality, also joins Natalie Portman who last year admitted that so far has never maintained a relationship with a woman, but neither ruled out. According to the actress, rather than the sex of the couple "is much more important the person from whom you love."

And in the headlines of newspapers magazines there are always some actress or singer who kissed another woman.

Just to remember Madonna with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, or it with Paris Hilton. At the very Paris Hilton with Kate Moss. The Queen of Pop with Gwyneth Paltrow, etc...

Good girls and we see that our planet is trendy, most people had realized that what is wonderful, but be careful not to fall into net of these false lesbians over fall in love with their because that would be a disappointment if that put in your list of relationships.

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