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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hi inhabitants of LesPlanet , today we are going to speak of love, its meaning for us, what we want and what we are looking at him.

That is the nature of love between women, women who love other women looking for friendship, sincerity, understanding, we look for a human being over their sex.

Lesbian Love Covers Many Facets:

The lesbian women live and love feels quite differently as they live and to feel heterosexual women. The sexuality of women was something special, we have a very large capacity for giving and receiving pleasure that has nothing to do with procreation or not involving the penis.

The lesbian love covers many facets, its base and its strength lies in the friendship and understanding, trust and respect.

Essence of Love is the Pure Lesbian Sensitivity:

The lesbian does not pursue sexual pleasure and purpose in the physical relationship with the partner, that is, its goal is not so much sex, but rather seeks deep levels of communication, areas of tenderness, affection and sensitivity. The essence of lesbian love is pure sensibility. Nearly can say that the lesbian sexualiza friendship, as the sexual relationship arises from a deep feeling which is based on love.

The Lesbian Relationship is Affection:

The lesbian appreciates and enjoys the sensitivity and tenderness, feeling, living and sharing in each millimeter of the skin of her lover the fullness of being herself. The relationship is lesbian love, is the soft caress, sex slow, tasting, known to be driven mutual fund, is the voluptuousness, humidity, kissing, hands, language, physical and mental orgasm, is union between two women who know their bodies and fully enjoy, is a relationship of equality, without dominant or dominated, without beginning or end, a delight of time that passes without haste; live is love in all its fullness.

Couple or not couple?:

Speaking of a couple relationship, for many people talk about mean possession, domination, confinement and mental and physical annulment of the personality, and especially a very dramatic for women.

The couple is in crisis, the couple does not work, we must seek other forms of relationship, phrases that are constantly heard saying. The truth is that if the couple does not work, we have not seen another type of flower more open relationships that can successfully replace the couple.

Perhaps what is lacking is a real communication between people. The difficulty lies in the fact that it's easier to give to receive, expect understanding that offer, wanting to accept that our freedom of others. Until this is not understood, fail any relationship, including the pair.

The lesbian who has overcome liberated states of anxiety and can find a companion who is in the same situation can be considered fortunate. For many the problem of loneliness is still really serious. The ideal of a free love that exceeds the couple and that, for many feminists, is in response lesbianism, is not just around the corner. Long years of struggle demands that lie ahead for this ideal is achievable. But then, however, within a new company, perhaps because people have learned to live and interact with beings rather than as sex, as human beings.

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