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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sexiest Olimpic Women...

Hi girls possibly the Olympic village in Beijing in these Olympics has been the hottest place around the world.

These girls are the most help this global warming ... Forget that topic and that female athletes are nothing, who are not attractive ... because that is not true.

Here we present some of the most sexy of these Olympic Games, as many have preferred to put a few photo and the rest in a video that are seen and enjoyed in all their splendor, the classification we have done is not by be more beautiful or more sexy than the previous one because it tastes nothing about writing, to avoid discrepancies in this regard we have decided to make the classification of the video in alphabetical order, but all are spectacular, judged by yourself ...

Yelena Isinbayeva (Russia, Pole Vault)

Gemma Mengual (Spain, Synchronised Swimming)

Amanda Beard (USA Swimming)

Leryn Franco (Paraguay, Javelin Throw)

Maria Sharapova (Russia, tennis)

Heather Mitts: (USA Soccer)

Jenny Finch ( USA Softball )

Francesca Piccinini (Italy Volley Ball)

Lauren Jackson : Australian Basketball

Gro Hammerseng Norway Handball

And then do not miss the video we have edited for you all, enjoy it ...

To do with better quality click here Sexiest Olimpic Women

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HEATHER MITTS!!! OMG, soooo hot and such an incredible soccer player!