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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leisha Hailey to Star in "L Word" Spin off

Hi girls have a final news on the Spin Off L Word which already had discussed in other post.

The previously announced Spin Off derived from The L Word will revolve around Leisha Hailey Alice in L Word, Showtime announced today.

At the end of the fifth season, the character of Alice arises break with his girlfriend Tasha (Rose Rollins), and accepts a job in television journalism.

Ilene Chaiken, creator and exec producer of The L Word, will write and produce the pilot, which will shoot in December.

This Spin Off, which still has no title, will have several implications in The L Word. The most obvious is that that chapter will close the series will leave the story open for Alice, and let's see how evolves in the new series.

The sixth and final season of The L Word will premiere in January, with the last season creates the premise for the Spin Off. There are no details yet on the Spin Off has not been given any information on this argument derived from L Word just know that initially will debut on the Internet, and according to the potential and acceptance that has happened to television. It seems to be issued in Ourchart, but even this to be confirmed.

Really the choice of character has not been too surprising, in fact, when we spoke about what the character that this new series starring, as might be assumed that Alice, especially by the affection that she has the audience. Although her only point unfavorable to dominate the Spin Off was her musical career with Uh Huh Her, but as we know, Leisha is plentiful and Leisha have time for everything.

"I've never really ever stepped back and thought about [how being openly gay has affected my career]," she told AfterEllen.com in a recent interview. "It's just who I am, and I think that I've been rewarded in that way because I just live my life openly and honestly. I think good things have come my way because of it."

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