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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hi dear people of this planet our wonderful multicolored, who has not dreamed of us in one of our best dreams to side Jennifer Beals (in my personal case) or Laurel Holloman or Kate Moening or any of the actresses L Word, talk with them, eat with the cast and not being able to participate in a chapter of our favorite series.

Well girls story that can make that dream a reality .... YES are reading well, just a dream that would be something expensive, but it would help a great cause and I am not talking about our cause staff understands our total and absolute satisfaction .. . No, I talk about an important cause.

Equality Now, a human rights organization working to end violence and discrimination against women and girls has made an unusual auction with an even more unique prize to raise funds.

It is offering a VIP pass to the end of the sixth season of The L Word to the highest bidder.

The winner will receive full access to the recordings of The L Word, a behind cameras to analyze and see how is one of the best series, will meet with actresses in the series, will visit production facilities, and have lunch with the cast and production. And the winner can take a friend.

The dates for this experiment are available from 8 to September 30, 2008, in Vancouver, Canada. The exact dates will be announced the winner.

The auction opened with $ 1000 (£ 547). and go for over $ 6,500

The winner must be available in Vancouver for at least 2 to 3 days.

The winner can bring a guest, but invited only be allowed to visit the set but not participate in the rest.

The winner and his/her guest will have valid passports to enter Canada, of course, airline tickets and expenses for lodging and everything else runs on behalf of the winner.

Good girls if you can spare a few thousand dollars and your dream is to participate in the L Word never having had more on hand, enter the auction "Win a Walk-on Role on The L Word & Support Equality Now " and if you are the winners, let us know, we'll all an item for you to can share this wonderful experience with our entire planet. Good luck to all who could participate ...

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