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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi dear friends of LesPlanet, today we put the third and last part of chapter 10 "Operation: Kaiser" that we have been editing for all you.

We want to thank all the attention he that you have given to these videos and Antena 3 for allowing upload them to Youtube.

Much to our regret we have to wait until January 2009 to return to see our partner Pepa and Silvia and to see how their relationship evolves, we expect the short chapters that you have put you and have you hooked as much as they liked us. It was a hard job but at least for us it was worth able editing the videos of this couple for all.

Anyway I have informed all the headlines that appear on the series and Pepa and Silvia at time.

Well girls enjoy the latter part of last season ...

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I love Pepa and Silvia. Thank you for doing the subtitles. But I now have a huge crush on Maca from Hospital Central. Will you ever include Maca on your blog? I love her!!!