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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi LesPlanet's friends, today issued a 5 episode of Grey's Anatomy where we will see again Callie and Erica in a new date ...

This is a quick run, episode 5, titled "There's no" I "Team"

Bailey leads a team of surgeons to proceed in a "domino surgery," in which each operation depends on the previous credited to Derek only in the clinical trial did with Meredith, Lexie made a great effort to get closer to George romantically, and Sloan advises Callie in a desperate love.

Here you get a couple of spoilers Callica:

In this first spoiler we see Erica proposing to Callie a night of dinner and a movie in your home ...

At this spoiler Callie looks to Mark to ask advice on the new date with Erica...

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