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Monday, October 20, 2008

Hi girls, we have a rumor but confirmed that the video that we put you in the end, everything begins like this:

To Jennifer Beals at the ceremony EMMY Awards held in the city of San Francisco, gave the following question:

Do you have any scoop on the final season of The L Word? January just seems so far away!

Jennifer Beals let us in on a little surprise from the new season: "We actually have a whole dance sequence that's coming up, which ought to be really fascinating."

Beals said that it's actually Marlee Matlin, fresh off of her run on Dancing With the Stars, who will take center stage. When asked if we should expect a Flashdance flashback for Jennifer, she said: "No! There are no buckets of water involved."

This photo was supposedly taken during the filming of Chapter 7 of this new season.

This is also another photo taken in the filming of Chapter 7 of the sixth season. We see Leisha Haley and Rose Rollings dressed like the components of the group Salt'n Pepper in her video Push it ... we see a third person who does not appear in the photo ... who will be the third person?, a guest artist for that chapter? another one of our girls? ... many unknowns for this season ...

Here you put the video that you mentioned earlier the group Salt'n Pepper where you can see that our girls are dressed exactly like them.

And the final confirmation apparently comes from the hand of Cassie Pappas with this video ... do you think that? ... we will see the dance so rampant? ...

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