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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gimme Sugar episode 4

In this chapter of what began in Sugar Gimme house where Charlene was going to make pictures for advertising flyers who want to open new local girls.

It seems that this Davonee busy with her things are going to stay and to settle their affairs, then Charlene comes to his house and was found filled with garbage and disorderly, were still photos, his reaction was surprise to find all at home, the girls told him that Davonne requested permission to what Charlene them replied that no one has asked permission and they are all, this very annoying.

To the girls that they have no other go, but not before the house and collect the garbage that had left.

Then this problem Alex and Robin van to see a local where possible to mount the club, but it seems that it is too expensive because only guarantee ask $ 6,000, and Charlene's house, which was less angry, Alex tells Charlene to what they had happened to the local level, and change views.

When all are gathered Bathilde arrives with the flyers and has done a good job, Davonee complains that his name is written last behind all of them and I explained that she is not doing anything that is always busy with their girlfriends and their negative attitude, it seems to speak and Davonne undertakes to change his attitude.

After all this, Alex and Bathilde going to kidnap Sayeh to carry shopping and departing spectacular that night, she's make up her and dressed to leave the club where they always meet the "Truck Stop".

Good girls after I leave with you this summary video of the fourth chapter of Gimme Sugar to enjoy it.

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