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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meeting of gays and lesbians in Indonesia

Some LGBT groups from different points in Asia have formed an international network of Muslim-majority but multireligious, which aims to homosexuals can see that recognized their civil rights in the various states where they originate.

21 participating groups from eight countries, like Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, or China have met in Nusa Dua, Bali island, to try to secure the rights of gay people on this continent.

According Rio Triawan, president of the organization hosting the meeting, Arus Pelangi, the collective LGBT Asia has the same problems across the continent, such as violence, discrimination and lack of visibility and respect.

These organizations have agreed "it is those countries which undertake to secure our rights as other citizens."

The collective participants claiming their rights as part of Human Rights, to be internationally recognized by all states and ethnic and religious groups. "Simply we want to be treated as other citizens," he continues Rido, "we want to be copies or simply be treated humanely," he concludes in his statement in Congress.

"Being a lesbian in Sri Lanka," said the activist Sinhalese Rosand Flames-Caldera, "means to be a criminal." "That is why we again invisible."

Despite the innovative nature of this Congress, few resources, and virtually no association LGTB protection of the western world, have echoed the same.

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