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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The sixth season of The L Word is here

Hello dear people of LesPlanet, FINALLY! FINALLY!

We have news on the sixth season of our favorite series The L word, I am counting that has just been officially start in Los Angeles and Vancouver shooting the sixth and final season of "The L Word".

Here in LesPlanet we'll be from now on all the details of which are smaller as the shooting range and what we can ascertain, photos, videos and everything about the sixth season of The L Word, Be alert!

And what awaits us in this sixth season? So for the moment there are several things confirmed by the very Ilene Chaiken and are as follows:

1: There is the possibility that missing characters over the previous five seasons as Papi, Carmen, Dylan, Robin, and so on. may reappear.

Some characters come back sure, but Ilene refuses to say who ...

We are in constant contact with Vancouver and LA to confirm that characters will reappear this season.

2: Although Ilene is always attentive to the proposals and wishes of the fans and said it would take them into account for this season, wants to put this season elements of surprise and suspense.

We will have to wait with us surprised Mama Chaiken (as long as nobody else does not die and that is not happening separate Bette and Tina can do what you want the support) :)

3: Paris Hilton does not appear in the series. Thanks to God!

4. Everything indicates that "The L Word", will have a happy ending but not everything is tied up so as we wish…

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