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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary Lindsay .... by Sam

Hi LesPlanet´s girls, it appears that an insider trading has given us another point where more support rumours of relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson.

The proof that Lilo and Sam are more than friends may be on the BlackBerry Lilo.

The proof that Lilo and Sam are more than friends may be on the BlackBerry Lilo. The phone contains a text message that sent him to Sam Lindsay in her 22 birthday, but strangely the message was about an anniversary ... and no birthday.

An informant close to Lilo tells us that: Lindsay left a message that he had sent Samantha on your BlackBerry all day long. The message said, "I love you, sweetheart. Happy anniversary four months!" I'm crazy for you "

That message more romantic ..... and because I see this happy Lindsay. Sam makes them happy and it shows, one need only see him face to Lilo.

Other details confirming the relationship between Lindsay and Samantha is that the couple exchanged Cartier love bracelet in Lohan's birthday, buying rings, gifts for one another.

And also that Sam is always on the set that can burn the latest film Lindsay .... ... etc, besides not have realized that whenever there are meetings are very smiling?

We can see in this video we found on YouTube a day of shooting of Lindsay Lohan, where you can appreciate that only smile at the time where it meets Sam ....

And finally a detail profile Samantha Ronson on her MySpace, it appears that before his condition was "Single" and his condition has now been changed to "In a Relationship".

It is clear that these two girls who want more can not hide his love for them if they have not confirmed if they do the media drawn from the closet to pushing.

Since LesPlanet we wish them to sam and Lindsay a Happy Anniversary 4 months ... and continue together for a long time ...

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