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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"This bar is not for you"

Hello dear people of LesPlanet, this time we are going to have an event that happened in Madrid (Spain), which actually produces shame others and we hope that this man is legally penalized accordingly.

It seems that in the SidrerĂ­a Parrondo Trujillos located on the street, No 4 near the central Plaza de Callao in Madrid, there was one of the most shameful acts of recent times, an action of discrimination on sexual orientation violates all rights made in Spain for gays and lesbians, and that threw a couple of local girls because they are lesbians.

The facts as have the players and some witnesses who were at the scene were as follows: "We were sitting one against the other, but as I fell cider every time someone used the escanciador, I sat next to Ann," says A. V., three days after what happened.

That's when the Swiss woman, who was caught by the waist, kissed on the cheek, followed in the mouth after. "But it was only a peak," repeats, along with B. C., his girlfriend.

Then, according to his version, a waiter approached and asked them to stop kissing, that the local was "to consume and not for those things." They decided to stop the reeds and the bottle of cider and go, but soon called the road claims. "We were told that they did not have and, to my insistence, we took the drinks, which had not yet finished, and we were told us that we were ill ways," says A. V.

As the blade was still calling, left the owner and allegedly began to scream: "Out of here! Sluts! Garbage! This is not a place for you!".

B. C., who arrived at the place where the expected A. V. and Ann with the fight already mounted, came back and requested the road claims, which also denied. "I told him I was on my right and I'm not going to move until they give me."

To which Parrondo, according to B. C., replied: "You do not have any right, bitch. What happens is that you have not ever seen a good cock". Parrondo denies it.

The establishment denied the claims sheet until police arrived.

Two witnesses, who have no connection with either women or with the owner of the cider, claim that the man threw a lesbian bar. "It was outrageous. He told them all kinds of insults, which were about filthy, some sluts, which were garbage ...", explains Esther Casado for 35 years. Account Parrondo that "faced with them, with his face stuck to one of the girls' and chill them. "It was a very unpleasant and unfair, that's why I went," she adds.

If you are a lesbian and want to know the atmosphere we had to endure a few decades ago, you just have to go into this bar and its owner will be kind enough to make a demonstration of the mentality of the era.

Here is a photo of the owner of this venue and the .... (wheveryone who put the adjective before it comes to the imagination) who dared to commit such an act of discrimination.

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