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Monday, August 18, 2008

Animals Lesbian dangerous ....

Hi girls of LesPlanet, today we will talk about the types of hazardous lesbians that can be found on our planet and we should avoid at all costs, if we do not want to suffer needlessly.

We must admit that not all women, even lesbians, are perfect. The following list of not-so-perfect lesbians this meant to help avoid unnecessary disasters.

Queen Bees or Prima Donna

She appears with a short dress and adjusted combined with a jean jacket in the fashionable lesbian bar, waiting for any help you take off the jacket and invite a drink. This woman does not like to wait.

The Prima Donna is magnificent. She can be a real lesbian, although in most cases is a bisexual. Her sexuality has no greater significance for her, because what she really wants is power. Rarely will be grateful to the lesbian to keep it, it helps pay, protect his ex, the leading shopping and listen to their complaints.

The best way to discourage this woman is looking at them in the eye and say something like "Do it yourself", and then away from it as much as possible.

The "Cool Butch"

This is the Age of Lesbian and achieve a nation come to power, and she expects to be treated according to this. When she wants to be with you, you joke.

In many cases, Miss Cool is married to his career, in other cases loves the nightlife and have many relationships, and in all cases it will emphasize that you never promised anything.

The Cool Buthe knows that others can read in his sarcastic expression what they like and do not want to break illusions.

The best way to try to melt the coldness things is to ask and demand answers. If away from this woman, you've drawn an Ice Age of your life.

The "Hot Butch"

She is aggressive, possessive, unpredictable and distrustful. It may be pleasant, witty and charming if you're in a good mood but one wrong word can turn it into a furious leone.

It was probably more than once expelled from the bar by hitting someone in the jaw, but insists that was not his fault but that was caused.

She does not tolerate criticism. If a negative suggestion arouses their anger, it will make you mourn. If falls in love with you, with these expensive dazzle you want to get in position owe something, and ensure that the love forever ... this phase lasts two weeks, or until the first big fight between you.

The "Hot butch" a girl is grown, you are looking for power and attention, so do not let entangle in her scenes but you put a necklace.

The Celebrity

You'll know you've given to this character when your friends murmured "Oh, is her!" And you see a woman that you've seen more rutilante supported in the pub bar. She pretends to want to be anonymous, but is surrounded by fans. She may be the only lesbian singer of the city, or has written a novel or has her paintings on exhibition at a major art gallery. If nothing has happened this, then it is hoping to succeed in the near future.

This is not at the top or you'll have the third or fourth place in the life of the celebration. Her work and hers ego come first.

If you become your partner, you bear the burden of domestic home, because she is too busy to these details, and you have to manage their private affairs as well.

She expects a combination of wife and manager. If you're not ready or prepared for this position, you will leave your life and you replace.

If you're with the woman described above, resists the urgency of falling at his feet. Remember that every woman has their own dreams, and you do not have to sacrifice because yours by it.


You can not recognize this type of lesbian until it is too late. First you know that she had a difficult childhood .... and that their parents were too strict. She acted in a film class B and its cantinela is "the only thing I'm looking for is love."

If you fall will make you more sympathetic confessions: The victim feels persecuted and misunderstood.

She will require your emotional and financial support, she will want your help her return to school, get a job, earn the respect of people .... The victim does not move if you do not push, especially if you've managed to keep it.

She will make you leave your friends and your bank account and ruin your reputation, but will not make any serious effort to change her life.

The only way to save the victim is not to have compassion.

If you're kind of victims need aid that no woman can give you. First, you take control of your life once you know what you want actually.

The Feminist Lesbian and Politically Correct

She is educated, intelligent, involved at the political level to achieve improvements in the lives of gay people, well aware ....¿ what can be wrong with a woman like that?. You can be what is wrong.

Ms. Politically Correct will ask why you saw in the last Gay Pride March and no matter what your explanation, always will tell you that is an excuse.

Do not smoke, do not drink, do not eat meat and disapproves of the people doing any of these three things. She disapprove any relationship you have with a man, including your father, brother or son. Any clothing that uses it will be too masculine or too feminine for her taste, will be made with fibers that cause cancer, or produced in some third world country by oppressed workers then you should not use it.

Get alert to any sign of intolerance ... if a lesbian feminist tries to criticize your lifestyle, stop it with the same firmness that you would with any other person.

The hoarding

She will emphasize to know that the only thing you want is your friendship ... then give you a friendly kiss on the mouth .... which will last ten minutes. You say that you expected to find a woman suitable very soon, then describe their own kind of ideal woman ... who coincidentally is exactly the same as you.

If this alone, of grabbing like to have several potential lovers around while she is decided by a couple with ... if she wants to take another look at as insurance, where the first relationship fail.

The only thing you can do is keep your mind clear.

The Obsessed

This woman can not see clearly because it is still gripped by its memorable past. The Obsessed is still attached to her latest love, or a fantasy figure who could never achieve, because fantasies are easier to control than reality.

She hoped to hear all about the love of his life ... Since the memorable girlfriend who was the most holy of lesbians, until it ruined their lives, if the latter passed the obsession that you want to pay for that, behave you as she was treated (as she thinks she was treated, which is worse ).

This woman is still waiting for the other. When you find a woman who can not stop talking her last relationship, try to change the subject of their conversation and who knows what's your name. If this fails, then let it become part of your past.

If you are ... The Obsessed stop watch and wait for returns impossible. You can not forget the past, but recalls that a lifetime of new possibilities are waiting for you.

In general, this is be honest with you and with the same woman you know, and put aside all the games described above, the only ending that is causing harm ... separations and avoidable.

We hope that this article, helps many of us to see what kind of girls are approaching us and hit a little more power to choose partner ... and above all avoid as we said before separations and unnecessary suffering.

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