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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The deal between Jodie Foster and cydney Bernard...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, we bring you news that it was inevitable that happen in all separations like things are not as they seem ...

Apparently Jodie Foster could lose $ 25 million shortly.

The reason ?????

For all we know, Jodie left his partner Cydney Bernard with the leading 14 years, writer and producer Cynthia Mort, which seems already had a relationship while she was with Cydney.

We always have wanted to leave and see that Jodie Cydney took very well and even continued to live together for the sake of children they have in common ... but nothing is less true.

Jodie seems to want to keep things away from public view, so does whatever it takes to keep everything quiet and that means that treat your ex-girlfriend Cydney be happy and I have no problem.

According to the National Enquirer, Jodie Foster could lose up to one quarter of her fortune, an estimated $ 25 million in maintenance for Cydney.

Jodie is currently a fortune valued at about $ 100 million. But it turns out that half the income of millions when she was with Cydney, therefore legally, her former Cydney could ask half the 50 million dollars obtained during their relationship.

According to said a source close to Jodie Foster, she is trying to do what is best for everyone to be happy and not having to pay these 25 million dollars to Cydney.

Even that is trying to Cydney and her current partner Cynthia are friends, which is very well for the good of the whole world.

This source said: "She wants to be friends. Jodie realizes that if Cydney perceives that all are one big happy family, she never request for half her assets."

And of course we wonder, Cydney think that this and that she receives in return for not suing half of its rightful heritage?

Well Miss Cydney lives for free in one of the houses owned by Jodie Foster, can also see their children whenever and is always well received at home. Even better, the amount of six figures Jodie gives a year to Cydney.

Actually these conditions are not nothing wrong, but are not clear 25 million dollars, although I think that this Cydney being smart, because she will always have time to sue their millions if Jodie break these conditions and can also see their children and also be close Jodie, at any time. What do you think? What you'll do? ...

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