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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knowing more to Jennifer Beals... Part 3

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, I bring here the last part of Knowing more ... Jennifer Beals.

Here we have more curiosities, phrases and thoughts of our beloved Jenny. I hope you enjoy, next week will continue with Laurel Holloman.

Jenny says: "There are about three people who have the phone number of my house and they are all linked by blood with me"

Jennifer tells us about the friendship between women and the difference mixed with friendship:

• "I say Would not it be nice that these men and women rather than fighting among themselves, which seems more a cliché, it would be wonderful if they were true companions and these men spend more time in infiltrate their friendships ? ".

• "I am speaking specifically of the relationships between women. If two women go to a bar and are fighting for men, we'll make it easier for men. If two women are very close and act as such makes it very difficult for men embark on someone. "

The love scenes:

"Make a love scene with a woman is easier than with a man. Because when you tell the other woman "Look, I have trouble with this or that part of my body, you can put your hand there," they know that you're talking about and the hand does not move. While a man forget it because they do not know the meaning of cellulite. "

About Fame:

• "I do not need a million dollars. Why should an ad for Pepsi or any announcement? I have never drank Pepsi, it should do that? I have no problem with money and appreciate what you can do, but I think you're really in danger if you start doing things just for money. "

• "I never have felt attracted to something under the rich or famous I would. I rejected a lot of money and my agents were going crazy. "

About The L Word :

• "What is so wonderful about" The L Word "is undoubtedly that destroys stereotypes that people have about the gay community. It's incredibly exciting for me that any young woman who lives in the middle of nowhere and has no access to this type of community, gets into the series and is capable of interacting with the characters and realizes that you have a site in the world, there are other people like herself and her sexual orientation does not mean she should feel inferior. That is a huge reason that I took the character ".

• (Describing a Bette Porter of "The L Word"): "… a total type A, multi tasks, a woman something command that the art is what the move…. And she is Biracial. So there are all kinds of things with which you can play. You can play with the mystery of sexuality and come to play with race and get to play with class and with all sorts of things "...

• "The way in which we approach the love scenes are not always about love. Sometimes they are about possession. Sometimes they are about privacy and sometimes there are fights at the same time. "

Talking about her friend David Duchovny :

• "used to be around me and ask for dates. I used to say:

A) I do not know who you are and

B) I'm living with someone, so I think it is a problem. And then I go to New York this act and who is it? David "harassing" Duchovny! (Laughter). I do not call him harasser. After he and I became companions scene, and then we became friends! It's a very funny guy!

• "What's incredibly interesting is that I have represented vampires, murderous and morally ruined people and no one ever asked me if I had reservations to represent these characters."

About her married :

• "My husband makes a lot of things romantic for me, is absurd."

• "I remember one day I was in my house and knew that I had not had a great day. He had thousand rose petals at the entrance who wrote "I love You". Yesss, and made the entire entry with this message of love, you know, before I came into the house. "

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