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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chile chose to miss lesbian visibility

The major cities of South America are celebrating their Pride marches, with the proper time.
In Santiago, the Chilean capital, Over 20 thousand people gathered Saturday in the Paseo Bulnes in the framework of the Gay Parade Chile, Open Mind Fest. 2008, making it the largest event organized by the LGTB community in Chile. The march, which lasted 9 hours.

Dozens of artists and 32 dj s distributed in three stages gave the party a colorful electronic anti-discrimination, which is produced by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) on the occasion of International Day of Tolerance.

The 2008 version was characterized by being dedicated to the Lesbian Visibility and the adoption of an anti-discrimination act.

In this event, two inhabitans were recognized as Chilean Miss Lesbian Visibility after winning a contest through fotolog organized by Chile and Movilh Lesbos, also two couples were married in symbolic form. In addition, another couple took the stage with his son while he was applauded by the audience.

"Not only the winners came out of the closet, but the 30 participants, which in Chile rather than an achievement is a great example of courage," said Natalia Martinez, representative of Chile Lesbos.

The winners were happy with this event, unprecedented in Latin America, and pledged to promote, with their visibility, human rights and the departure of the closet of others.

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