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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seattle Gray's Hospital without staff

Hi girls, be seen that lately Gray's Anatomy, only gives us bad news, the latest is that Janina Gavankar has left the series. If Papi does not want ladies to be more in the Seattle Grey.

It's installment is undoubtedly unexplainable where the problems with those responsible for the series was never completed, we now have this sudden resignation, the second so far this year to Grey's Anatomy.

A few weeks ago we learned about the forced departure of Brooke Smith, a fact that has changed some things in the series, today we have the voluntary departure of our Papi.

Janina Gavankar who entered this fifth season and played the role of internal Lisa has decided to leave the series. They are rumors that his character has not had neither the will nor prominence it deserves, in fact, have been very few scenes of her in the series, because it has already gone into the series .... have not seen it, then I would not either.

This is why we decided to leave the series Janina, do not want to be a figurant behind a scene hoping to one day decide to give significance to his character.
It is said that there are other proposals more interesting than being behind the scenes mass of Grey's Anatomy.

They know that I say? I find it very well that Janina is gone in the serie, it is better than being fill-in one scene.
For those who think it has not come out ever in the series, they left some pictures of those who came in second this season. And although they do not give us consideration, and some had not even seen, if Janina was.

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