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Friday, November 21, 2008

LesMovies: "I Can not Think Straight."

Hey guys, this Friday we have movie, debuts in USA Today, the film "I Can not Think Straight."

The great writer and director Shamim Sarif from the movie "The World Unseen" (The hidden world of which we speak and in another post, brings us this time, a movie that we should not miss is "I Can not Think Straight" is a funny romantic comedy about the collision of two worlds and cultures of the Tala (Lisa Ray), a young Jordanian who lives in London and is preparing her wedding with her fiancé and the Lebanese Leyla (Sheetal Sheth), a young Indian half British half because it is the new girlfriend of her best friend. (But Leyla, was not sure of her sexuality).

Until then everything right, things start to get complicated when the girls begin to feel attracted between them, and the problems begin, the feeling of responsibility, guilt, the impending wedding, the pressure of traditional families to which they belong, society , And the pressure that comes from oneself to discover their sexuality and realize their true feelings, the problem is that many times we tried not to listen to our hearts, and we decided bow to the pressure and act with reason.

That is why we prefer to flee Tala Leyla leaving with a broken heart, and will have to honest with herself before you realize that there are other ways to love and be able to recover Leyla.

Here are some dates get near the premiere of the film:

November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008

November 28, 2008


Well girls when I learned more dates are the count, I'll be released in cinemas in Latin America and Spain (Madrid already arrived but by the LesGaiCineMad Festival), but do not worry if do not reach cinemas in their countries, LesPlanet will ensure that we can see;)

I can not close the post without saying that I Sheetal Sheth has stolen my heart ... has the most beautiful eyes of the world (after of my girlfriend of course ....baby .... a kiss :).

And hopelessness has been leaded on my personal ranking of platonic love, at number 3 platonic women in my life, below Lena Headey who occupies the No. 2 and below the No. 1´s are Jennifer Beals and Julia Roberts.

By moving to fourth position to Angelina Jolie, sorry Angie ... is what these eyes I can not resist ....

About beauties, as it is is a blog and all very democratic, I want you to tell me some of her girls preferred to choose the LesPlanet girl of the week, so that more comments and has been mentioned more times , Will leave this week as LesPlanet girl, and we will put all the best pictures of her to all admire.

And back to the post that can not stop going to the cinema to see "I Can not Think Straight."

4 comentarios:

i really want to see this movie, but it won't be released in my county!!! it would be great if LesPlanet can let us see it. thanks!!!

it seems that it is a really wonderfull movie, i can't resist Lisa Ray and sheetal, both are superb...and since I live in Switzerland and I won't be able to see either "the world unseen" and "I can't think Straight" I hope that you will be able to help me to watch them through the net, once it is out.
Before leaving, I am addict to trailer of each movie, and I watch them every every day... help !! :O)