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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A lesson of tolerance ...

Hi dear inhabitans of our colorful planet, I will share with you something that touched me, yesterday Ellen Degeneres Show invited her to Emily Bear, is a child prodigy is 7 years old, who plays the piano since age 3 and also composes music.

The little Emily brought a gift for Ellen, .... a present wonderful .... he had composed a song.
The song was called "Once Upon A Wish" and had done for the wedding of Ellen, and Ellen asked him because it was called so?, The little girl replied that it was for the I wish that she was marrying and what it was granted.

One of the greatest comedians and leaders of opinion of all time, ran out of words .... both are thrilled that he could not speak, I hear the song that he composed the small contain the excitement, and eventually hugged him and said you are a very special girl, among the applause of the public.

How? a girl 7 years with the innocence of their age, it takes so naturally, a fact that millions of adults are not able to accept or tolerate ... it does not care what sex is a partner of Ellen, only cares about what she married for love and that his desire was fulfilled.
And instead of asking and judging, she composed a song ...

I hope that in the world have more children like Emily, only then things will change in the future.

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