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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little gift ....

Hi dear inhabitans, today I bring a little gift because they I imagine that I miss at least Pepa and Silvia, and also makes them eternal waiting until January to see them in the new season, to make it more pleasant waiting here have left an interview with Marian Aguilera (Silvia), very interesting .... (especially the last part) :)
Laura also put our Pepa, do not worry.

I hope to enjoy and do not forget to close your mouth when you are watching . jejeje

3 comentarios:

Thanks for the blog on Marian. Between her and Patricia Vico a girl could go crazy! I didn't really understand what she said at the end about homosexuality, could you explain?

Hey, thanks for your comment, which Marian mean is that everyone is born with no sexual preference and for the environment, society and the customs become heterosexual, she is convinced of this.
who knows maybe if she raises the situation did not say no to a woman ...

I was warned,but I couldn't close my mouthOo
I would like to say a big fat thanks to you,because of sending this post.And if somebody notes besides me,this is one of the few series,that no lesbian dies or break up.I hope they will be together,having a good time,fun and a big fat esbian wedding:D
I saw a german series yesterday on youtube,there was 2 girls,and finally they get really together,then one of them died.Everybody was asking the big question 'why'?And i don't understand it too.
So i don't want to write a novell here,thanks once for the post,and the whole blog,I can't wait to see the first episode of the new season,byeee