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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hi girls are going to inaugurate a new section called Erotic Stories, where you will read stories that we want them or that you send and temperatures climb blog ... among all.

The first story is entitled "The Dinner"

Carina lit scented candles and gave one last look around .... room was beautiful, with the lights of candles, which gave the window slightly open to the terrace leaving enter the summer breeze, the light of the portable somewhat low ... not expected to be very clear in their intentions ... intended to seduce Monica that night.

After so many years of know at last gave him a chance. The history of both had been disagreements. They had known seven years ago, when I walked out with Monica's best friend Carina, a photographer something crazy, very bohemian, with a characteristic of those who do not know to atenerte.

When told Carina that was leaving with a woman 14 years older than her, this doubted that Sonia was in its full .... but to meet Monica understood why this story. Monica was high, thin, very elegant, with very white skin, long hair and black eyes and some black as night without moon but laughed when sparks.

All you had to Sonia mad I had to calm Monica .... were like water and oil. Carina and Monica Congenies immediately ... it's always had an attraction between them more deeply hidden, not allowed out of respect for Sonia.

Until Sonia acknowledged that the match would be Monica and Carina, and Monica and not her. For a long time shared dinners weekend outings to bowling alleys, celebrated birthdays together. They were the three musketeers. Of course, Sonia that cares little as one day he suddenly went to Brazil, promising to return soon ... writing letters to the principle Fog Monica, who left to become single spacing in Christmas cards.

Monica was hit hard this incomprehensible abandonment, then recovered ... but then Carina was with a friend with Paula and again .... set aside this latent attraction between them out of respect for someone else. Paula detest seeing Monica near Carina, the friendship between them became known for its work to exchange ideas and some e-mail to another, and meet for a drink for the birthday of both.

The story with Paula had ended a year ago. Since then Carina and Monica had begun to talk more, to be followed more .... and the attraction was still there, they could not deny it. Neither disguise. In the past week had met three times to have a drink after work, and when Carina was not looking to rub the hands of Monica, which was coincidentally played Monica's knees Carina while driving his car and brought to his apartment.

Then Carina, despite being the lower of the two with its 32 years, decided it was time to make Monica decided, and had invited to dinner that Saturday night. The buzzer to shock Carina, who gave a last look in the mirror before opening the door.

The hair that barely reached the shoulders looked neat, and candlelight started flashing red ... the huge brown eyes were still behind the lens frame golden ... barely had a touch of shine to your lips well drawn. The dress blue glued to the body stressed their breasts well trained, and did see their beautiful legs. Smiled, satisfied with their appearance and was to open.

Monica was well .... now wearing their hair shorter, but still wearing black impeccably despite having almost 46 years, the figure was kept in force gym. I had big breasts, which attracted the hearing immediately, and some very long legs and well trained now, for penalty Carina, were hidden by some black pants that did however that his tail looks very sexy.

She smiled at Carina with the face of someone who does not know very well how to act.

-- Pass.

Monica came and greeted with a kiss on the cheek. Both felt as funny on the first date. Carina took the bag Monica and put him in one of the bergers. He also took the bottle of wine, and it was up to the kitchen, while Monica walked the living, stopping in front of the paintings, because it was an issue that you passion.

-- Will I stop putting music? -- Carina asked while he was still putting the bottle of wine in a bucket with ice.

-- Yes - Carina replied.

When she heard the music felt that something was shaking inside yours ... nothing less than "Love me tender," one of his favourite topics ... at that time realized that Monica was in the same tune, so it fell to the lowest heat furnace, because suspected that the dinner would begin with the main attraction.

She returned to the living, Monica was looking at her books and turned to enter hear. Reach out, and asked with seductive voice:

-- Now that nobody can say anything you agree ....¿ dance with me?.

-- Of course - Carina responded, putting his hand on Monica.

Monica attracted to the yes, the bonded his waist pressed against her body. The breasts of both were slashing, and in an instinctive gesture Carina rested his head on the shoulder of Monica, to feel her perfume and her hair in his cheek. Bailes slowly, while Monica deslizaba their hands in the back of Carina, in a sensual caress it was exciting to Carina.

Suddenly the language of Monica began to tinker with the ear lobe of Carina, which followed the rhythm of music with eyes closed and enjoying the caresses. Now Monica kissed the neck of Carina, cortitos with kisses and gentle, while women sigh. It broke a little, just enough so that Monica could catch the lips of Carina with yours, in a passionate kiss. Carina split lips and tongue of Monica came into his mouth, entangle with the other language, fiddling, inviting excitement and love the game ...

Monica could not hide his seniority in the battles of love. I was putting excite to Carina virtually without touching it, just rubbing and caressing. Slowly began to turn down the closure of the blue dress, while kissed the neck of Carina.

-- What are trying to do? -- Whispered Carina fun, to hear from Monica.

-- Loving as long ago should have done - Monica responded, sliding Bretel clothing by Carina's arms, allowing it to fall to the ground.

Carina was compared to Monica, covered only by a thong color embroidery and lace un soutien the same color, contrasting with the whiteness of their skin. The eyes of Monica became even more black if that was possible, before the spectacle of the body often Carina at its disposal.

Caressed the breasts of Carina on the lace garment inside, causing their caresses that erect nipples became even more harsh. Caressed her head with the breasts of Carina, which was already very excited .... had waited too long for this moment.

Monica unzip the support, which fell near the blue dress, and sob breasts of the girl with her hands, gentle massage and circulars.

-- You have beautiful breasts ... very beautiful. Your body is beautiful Carina ... smells as we imagined ....

-- Can I imagine naked?.

-- You know that it ...- Monica replied, before engaging in sucking nipples erect, Carina, moving the tongue about them in a way that made Carina almost to the brink of orgasm so hot.

It was squatting in front of her and kissed throughout the abdomen, around the navel with kisses and lick it, walked with his hands while his legs from ankle to the birth of the buttocks. Monica's hands went under short bordeaux to catch the buttocks of Carina and pressed gently massage.

Carina felt that her vagina and hervía because of the Monica hottest that was causing the prodigal who caresses with your hands and your tongue

-- Please ... -- Panting slowly.

Monica looked from the position, smiled and threw Ladin's short downhill, which was soon on the blue dress, next to soutien lace.

The vagina Carina was already completely wet white liquid, and Monica went nose in front of the place that had so often imagined, filling his nostrils scent of sweet and enjoyable sex of Carina. It was on foot and took up the chair, making them sit down.

Carina caught the idea and sat on the edge of the chair, opening a long legs so that her sex was completely in view of Monica ... sex without hair, covered in their own juices, which Monica had done the same hands. Monica was kneeling in front of Carina, looking hottest so with a gesture that made the temperature rose to Carina thousand.

She put his head between the legs of Carina, and with the tip of the tongue sex toured the bottom up, as the only testing ... rubbing led the vagina Carina shuddered. When the tip of the tongue of Monica came within Carina, felt that this would be soon.

Monica was pushing the language within it, coming and going, and vaginal discharge of Carina flowed unstoppable, while their hips moved almost by themselves, to increase pleasure. When Monica intuyó that Carina had been, caught the clitoris with your mouth get in shape and suck with force.

Carina had an orgasm and almost immediately another .... requesting it to stop, but Monica did not hear her ..... Excite cause both pleasure in it.

Only when Carina stopped moving, completely exhausted after the third orgasm then left her. She sat beside her and pulled the naked body against hers.

-- You're evil ....

-- No. .... I am not evil .... too wanted to let you escape this time ....

-- Ah yes? -- Carina asked, sliding his hand between skin trousers and Monica, coming soon to where I wanted ... to the hot humidity of Monica sex.

There was nothing difficult to find the clitoris, swollen because of the excitement. With his fingers began to encourage it, gently, while Monica began to move their hips at the same pace. Soon the humidity was so that the fingers of Carina was soaked, so they turned a little body, with your free hand by loosening the closure of trousers and Monica got two fingers into the vagina of hot women.

Pushes for penetration, which was facilitated by the lubrication they themselves had provoked ... went in and out quickly, within Monica, who .... sigh loudly as he seemed not enough, introduced a third finger inside the her vagina, and turned the body to be able to penetrate with more force.
Monica spent the arms behind the body of Carina, as if she wanted in. whole within a few minutes after it arrived .... orgasm, trapping the fingers of Carina with many vaginal contractions that could not be counted.

When Monica stopped moving, Carina removed their fingers in it, a little ... and even with that prompted the vagina Monica beating alone. They re-embrace, very strong, both breathing noisily.

-- Wow.

-- Take dinner - Monica murmured and both laughed.

-- I love you Monica.

-- I love you Carina.

Seal that statement with a passionate kiss on the mouth.

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