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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Katja and Gro ... The lesbian partner of Norway's sport

Hi LesPlanet's girls, thanks to one of our readers who sent us this news, we know that the national team of Norway's Handball, we have two residents of our beautiful planet ...

In 15 days of the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing, we have a new incentive to see them, Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg both Handball players from Norway, are lesbians, and couples residing in the country.

We've been looking for YouTube and we found a video of a Norwegian program where the stars are invited Robbie Williams and Gro Hammerseng (typical Norwegian so beautiful ... it must be said), in the interview, Robbie Williams asks Gro:

"Are you married?"

"No," replied the handball player.

The boy remains insistent asking:

"Got boyfriend?"

and she replied relaxed leaving with their mouths open


For the Norwegians the response was not a surprise. Gro Hammerseng is one of the most famous handball players in the country. And his girlfriend Katja Nyberg, is also a handball player and partner selection.

Homosexuality of Hammerseng and Nyberg, who are partners for years, is not far from a taboo in Norway. One of the mentality of most advanced countries on the planet in the field.

Both are legends. Nyberg is 29 years old, born in Finland, with the selection that came to play, it nationalized Norwegian and a star and global Hammerseng, 28, star and activist Hammerseng is a celebrity in Norway.

She has worked as a model and appears regularly on television. It is also a known activist for human rights, handball is part of a campaign by Amnesty International for the release of Chinese dissidents.

Well as you see girls, we must be vigilant when playing for deleitarnos Norwegian handball in sight with these two beautiful inhabitants of our planet.

Here I leave with you the funny video of the interview.

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Gro and Katja are a beautiful couple