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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi girls from this colorful our planet, I bring a story about the shooting of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, this news is not confirmed yet but they say this because going through the network.

The news is, which apparently have seen in the vicinity of West Hollywood in a cafeteria at Elizabeth Berkley, if the star remembered Showgirls, quietly reading what appeared to be that `a dash, saw the person who was sitting behind her and was available to look more closely because I would draw your attention a great watermark on the pages that read "Showtime Canada."

This person is more fixed and could read over her shoulder and could read at the top of the page a very revealing:


Apparently our favorite showgirl could participate in the sixth season The L Word.

If confirmed the participation of Elizabeth, there would be a big surprise because of the great friendship that unites with Jennifer Beals several years.

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