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Monday, July 21, 2008

Talk about sex....

Hi dear girls LesPlanet, today I want to talk a little sex, this time comment on the First Time, it is unavoid that many already spent and that others will.

There are thousands of questions in our minds regarding this issue, doubts, fears, insecurities, is something we want yet fear with all your strength, you do not know what to do, you want to do things perfectly, everything is wonderful, but the truth is that you just have to let go.

The first time you have relations with another woman, experience or will be rewarding and wonderful or frightening, although in most cases tend to be both. Few women claim to have enjoyed his first time with someone who did not know either. Most often wait until you find that special woman in whom one can rely on, making sure that is going to carry well, (that is, you treat with respect, that is not necessarily the love of your life, but at least for this first time).

Kathy tells us about his experience and remember your first time: "Until then only had relations with men to attest that it was" normal ", so I am not too concerned with who slept with whom or not. When I started frequenting the lesbian community decided to be more selective. I waited until you find a kind and loving lesbian who was delighted to make love.

Wait was like a gift that I did, even though that will not end in a stable relationship. " This is by no means a lesbian version of "Blue Princess" Rather it is not going to rush to that time, not feel afraid of what will be one of the most important experiences of your life. Because a negative experience can make sequels on your sex life and sentimental, while a first time, rewarding and full of affection, may well prevent consciously or unconsciously do the same with other women, or prevent your future relations are a success .
And if that is what you are looking for a deep and spiritual connection, I know even more selective in choosing your first lover. Of course having sex with a woman for the first time does not mean lesbian announce to you before the whole world. While waiting for your first experience (and beyond) seeks to learn a little, ask about the subject.

The first time with a woman in particular, but you've come a long way, can you feel nervous. Surely not know topics give everything you want or you're not sure if she likes your body. But note that if you're in bed with you is because you've liked and wants to be with you. If it is the beginning, pays attention to how it does with women typically make love to their partners in the same way they would like to see them do so, when you are what you're doing it, remember that sex is not a review of telepathy.

The ideal is to let everything happen naturally. If in an outburst of passion are launched on the bed and torn clothing eufor and that they feel fine and I wish, therefore proceed with it. Exploiting those moments, but neither she doubts if anything happens and you have to ask him what he preferred, or what you want.

Your attention will surely love. If you're nervous or afraid of doing something wrong, you just have to tell and the symptoms will disappear automatically. But first and foremost be sure to cool the atmosphere. As much as we want to "look good" and give him pleasure, not des unleash all your skills in the first encounter.

Save some surprises for later. I hope that these opinions and advice will help a bit to overcome the doubts and insecurities.

Here are leaving a video demonstration of a first time .... I hope you like it ....

3 comentarios:

Nice video. Don't need the morning coffee now. Wow.

Where did you get the scenes to put this together?

scenes are cut from the first (Jenny and Marina) and last season (Molly and Shane), these scenes have been edited by LesPlanet to recreate the article ...

Thank you for your comment Lisadown82, we are happy to know that not really need a cafe in the morning and you have liked the video ... stay attentive since all articles talk about sex, keep a video demonstration ...