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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hi Girls, IS CONFIRMED, Elizabeth Berkley strategy in the sixth season of L word, has already signed for several chapters, his character is a girl who left Bette in college ....

What I can assure you is whether this is good news or not?

Because the chemistry between Elizabeth and Jennifer to be very best friends in real life is dangerous ... (We can see it in the next video behind scenes where they worked together)

Let's see according to the information I have, and what we are talking about going in all forums around the world, it seems that this character who will interpret Elizabeth ... the drama Ilene Chaiken said that he was going to put Tibette.

Some believe (or rather want to believe) that will be a litmus test to strengthen the love between Tina and Bette, and to demonstrate that Bette learned the lesson and permaneceram together and happy ...

Because their story that the character who supposedly is that of Elizabeth Berkley is that of Phoebe Cutleck, the first love of Bette ... which refers Bette in the 4 th season.

The decision to put more tragedy and suffering to our preferred partner is very angry at fans in both forums as Elizabeth Berkley Ilene Chaicken are persona non grata.

Since we can not Lesplanet we contemplate the possibility that Ilene, move back to Tibette, because it would be a very big mistake and unforgivable. What we believe is that everything will test and will have a happy ending .... Ilene truth?

Here are left with the video which refers to the possible character of Elizabeth.

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