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Friday, September 26, 2008

Hi Dana .... so much time no see

Hi dear inhabitans of our colorful planet behind the rainbow, for those who like me, miss a lot of our unforgettable Dana Fairbanks, tell them that we've seen Erin Daniels at a public event in L.A, wearing his new look (as always beautiful)

This event was the presentation of "True Blood", a series of vampires of the creator of 'Six Feet Under ". Produced by HBO in association with Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, "True Blood" tells the story where humans and vampires co-exist or live a small town in Louisiana, where a waitress Sookie Stackhouse with telepathic powers falls in love with a Vampire (a kind of Buffy and Angel).

To be more accurate presentation of this series was held at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles and in the presence of the creator of the series, the main actors, part of the team and the writer of novels in which it is based True Blood, among a long list of guests (to highlight the presence of our beloved and missed Dana Fairbanks) Why? Illene , Whyyyyy ...?

Also tell them that, Erin has been seen also by Vancouver these days of filming for the sixth season .... perhaps it is only visiting his ex-mates and .... or it may be something else?

We find out and keep informed ...

P. S : When I see pictures of Erin, or can I avoid thinking about Mama Chaiken and I wonder how often it will in repentance for having killed Dana, surely many more of us to imagine.

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