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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What awaits us in the new season of Grey's Anatomy...

Hi dear people of our beautiful planet behind the rainbow, reaching close to the premiere of the much-awaited fifth season of Gray's Anatomy on Sept. 25, its creator Shonda Rhimes broke the silence and gave an interview pin.

In this interview given answers of any kind on the future in general, Meredith and Derek, on Callie and Erica, on Alex and Izzi, and, as if this were not enough, on the new addition to the staff of doctors.

What we speak of history in the upcoming season?

SHR: I think the main focus will be the 5 internally that we already know, who are no longer domestic, George (TR Knight), Izzi (Katherine Heigl), Cristina (Sandra Oh), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo). I really want to focus on them and how to deal with the next step of your workout. But we also devote considerable time to Mark (Eric Dane), Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Erica (Brooke Smith) and see their interactions.

Here you put a video of the new season of Grey's Anatomy with the famous song of Erica and Callie, we hope you enjoy it...

About MerDer (Meredith-Derek)

Are not you tired of always talking about them?

SHR: What was until the match, and is now a completely new world. Too many different problems that arise from the union of Meredith and Derek, and also a lot of potential new stories, dramas and emotions. Therefore, I am really excited to have joined, because they feel that having a left Meredith in that field was something great, and I see her face: "My God, now we really have to do this." That's important to.

Is it more fun for you to write about them together?

SHR: Absolutely. It is a real find how to be together ... how to make Meredith is ready to give this major step with Derek. Now that that step has been living with Derek, is really exciting to see what will come and how she deal with the fact of living with a man, and with everything that represents a man like Derek who has been married and is more mature .

¿Merder live together? In the trailer for Derek or Meredith's house?

SHR: You'll have to see it to know.

Will it be Rose a thorn in Merder?

SHR: I do not think necessarily that it will be a problem in their relationship in the beginning.

About Callie and Erica, the new romance...

Before Shonda respond us we will see the video of what it considers one of the actresses in this couple Brooke Smith (Erica Hahn).

¿Callie and Erica will be a couple in the next season, will leave the closet?

SHR: eventually will be released. I feel that the important thing is that the end of the season, Callie kissed a girl. Let's see how things will develop: Did she kiss a girl? How important it generates have kissed a girl? Are you excited by that? What meant for Erica?. I really do not know too much about Erica, so the story will revolve around the two. We will see the complicated world of being a homosexual couple working together at the same hospital, and what will happen when the father of Callie knows. I think it will be really interesting because I think that is different from the 19 declared and that is already a grown woman, when your family thinks you're different.

Is this season a journey to discover both their sexuality?

SHR: They are definitely on a trip, and will be really interesting. It's funny, the writers are really excited about this, and we spent quite a few hours thinking about how it would do, and what we would do, and what kind of problems may have, and the emotional, and everything that we can have fun with this.

It seems that there has been good chemistry on screen. Has been for what has been forced to be together?

SHR: There is chemistry, but both actresses are very playful, we had to do something. Sara is just fabulous as a comedy actress and has a lot to give, and then George felt that she was looking for something. Among Callie and Erica boards seem to have much chemistry and dynamics. We began to think that after being so close friends should have more between them, the same chemistry she had seen between Cristina and Burke before they are put together.

About Alex and Izzie

The last thing we saw was Alex Izzi and excited in a very depressing. What awaits them?

SHR: I think we will see several interesting issues between them.

Is there any truth about the rumor that would Izzi brain tumor this season?

ShR: No.

About the new character

Kevin McKidd already has its "Mc-Name." What will be your role in the series?

SHR: He interpret Owen Hunt, a military doctor who reach the hospital under license.

And just appears in a hospital where they all fall in love between them? Hmmm ... Who will go toward?

ShR: I think you will find something interesting Cristina.

No doubt these developments Shonda has given us more than enough to keep waiting eagerly to the premiere of the fifth season. What do you think you?

Here we left with the poster of this Season

and here's the trailer for the new season

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