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Monday, September 22, 2008

What happens when we accept our sexuality...?

Hey LesPlanet's girls, after taking our sexuality is the same thing, but I assure you that many things better. Regardless of the decision (to be in or out of the closet), always be things to enjoy and much more besides others that will begin to do with freedom, want some examples?

You look at the pretty girls, without being blatant but not feel guilty for that.

Know sites environment in which we know other people like us, so we feel that we are the only ones.

We'll look more and more space to subtly caressing the girl we like.

We will have sex for the first time with a girl, is what most, no matter how good or bad it is, technically speaking.

Enjoy this cold in the stomach every time that girl special touches us or kiss us, we also enjoy your breathing close to ours.

Sharpen our "Gaydar," all we've got some better than others but we have it, only if we assume that our sexuality, we become more skillful in their use.

Getting out of the closet, is a unique experience and different for each, but it is certainly liberating, regardless of the reactions that are generated around us.

For the first time feel really comfortable with ourselves ... nothing, absolutely nothing in life is compared to this.

Begin to say "NO" to men without any remorse of conscience, in full knowledge that we do it because the only thing we want is a beautiful lady at our side.

Finally, to end this Decalogue, I think an important thing to do when we take our sexuality, is to go slowly educating and informing people that we have close, about the myths about gays and lesbians, and go to achieve collapsed opening a better way in the world.

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