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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hi girls, after seeing another episode over LHDP, I have to say that unfortunately our girls have no direct involvement in the story of these episodes, as we saw in the first, who just left the cemetery crying on the alleged death of Lucas and then we saw Silvia, giving scientific reports of the remains of Lucas and nothing more.

Then let us see some progress where we thought it would come out to catch the Kaiser.

But after seeing the second episode hoping to see them, I say that we have not seen these images, we assume that the episode will be on Wednesday October 1 (pleeeaaseee ...... we want to see them )
Anyway went to summarize what happened in the penultimate episode of season 5
Sara and Lucas are enjoying far from all of their supposed freedom, as for the eyes of others Lucas is dead.

The inspector Salgado on the contrary do not believe anything that history, and called for the exhumation of the remains of Lucas.

Paco and Mariano who know the truth get very nervous and trying to avoid at all costs to find the remains of faking a looting tombs in the cemetery.

Sara from his hiding place, decides to call his father to say who is right and speak with his family, upon receiving the news in the bar everyone wants to talk to Sara and our girls are there and want to talk to her niece and encouraged to give exceeds the supposed death of Lucas.
This is the only scene where he sees Pepa and Silvia in this episode.

Sara and Lucas plan to marry and flee abroad to be happy in the end .... but Lucas as a good cop does not want to leave the unsolved case of the Kaiser, since it is new information that can help catch it, so I decided to finish resolve the case before leaving, and asked him to help Paco and Mariano.

At the end we put pictures of the next chapter where we see that our girls are seeing something come out (we assume that they see Lucas alive or wedding Sara), also repeated what the progress of the operation to catch the Kaiser and also sees them having fun, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Now they count happens in the episode on Wednesday.
Here are some pictures of the left PEPSI and spoilers ....

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