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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knowing more ... Rachel Shelley part 2

Hi LesPlanet's girls, I bring the second part of knowing more Rachel Shelley, in this part of them tells us about his character and how it feels to be Helena Peabody, and many anecdotes and things that have happened ... I hope you like it.

Rachel: Always going to be some sense of feeling uncomfortable when wheels scenes involving some nudity. Obviously you are feeling vulnerable .... But the actor's role is to overcome that and show a different intention and not show your dissatisfaction. You have to leave it behind.

Rachel: (answering to whether there is any possibility that he fell in love with another woman) who knows .... never say never! I mean I'm not happened yet, but there's still time!

Rachel: A phone ringing, high enough to be above the hate steam from the shower head banging my hangover. The answering machine jumps, then you will hear an Indian voice: "Er, Rachel, if you can be at the hotel in 90 minutes we have an entry for yourself for the ceremony. Please call me. " Everything, even the drops of water flying out of the shower, appeared to have stopped for a split second.

And that's how I went to the Oscars. With her hair wet in the back of the limo, bad hair removal and without a pedicure.

Rachel: (speaking of the hearings) You say you feel that you morning, you run your best jokes, after you do it again but better. They recorded on video the whole process. It's similar to Crufts, although fortunately no one has inspected my teeth too close or has reviewed the humidity of my nose.

Rachel: In London, if I have two or three auditions in one week the hectic feel. In LA during pilot season it is normal to have two or three sessions a day.

Rachel: As an actress, you just live the fray through your agent. And that is why what I love to my agent, she makes all discussions of business on my behalf. Imagine having someone (someone with whom you do not have to lie down at the end of the night) in the queue outside the club for you, so you just have to come directly and not pretend that you've never done anything so vulgar as beg and bribe your entry. Of course, you have to pay it, but they deserve every penny. A picture on the red carpet is priceless, and you do not want an aggravating circumstance it blew it.

Rachel: Helena and I are merged into one single person. I pass more time with her than with any other these days, and it's a mess in my mind.

Rachel: The Americans believe that the English accent accentuates a trait of the character. Most likely in the U.S. can be a character as a villain or a sexual predator, when I was more at home as "the butter does not melt."

Rachel: The scenes of sex with actresses are easier than with men, they are supportive and to overcome not dreaming any lines of personal comfort. Unlike some actors I could mention.

Rachel: To interpret a lesbian is not so different as to play a heterosexual. I've played a whore, a doctor, an aristocrat lady, and believe me I am not any of those things either.

Rachel: Respect for these people in my life who manage to enjoy the little things, even when life is bullshit. People who are impatient to enjoy life regardless of the circumstances. People who work hard, generous, passionate and eager to laugh.

Alexandra Hedison (Dylan): (About Rachel) Oh my God ... .. she is fantastic. She is too beautiful, there really is no law. No one should act in reality with it. Nobody should be on the same roll with it because it is really unfair, it is horribly unfair.

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