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Thursday, September 25, 2008

More on the Spin Off of Leisha Haley...

Hey friends of LesPlanet, has come to my ears rumors that the title of the Spinoff starring Leisha Hailey will be called 'Love is in the air. "

It will be unveiled in February 2009, which means that after the 8 chapters of the sixth and l...a...s..t.. season of "The L Word": ((it's very hard to say) will start the new series, surely not leave much time between the end of one and the beginning of another, it is assumed that "Love is in the air" leaves "the L word" so it will stop at the sixth closed many things and things for Leisha or by entering open to a future link with the new series.

It also said that two of our girls will be in the first episode and invited actresses who think they can be? .... No unfortunately not be TiBette ....

If those rumors are true and seem to be Kate Moennig and Mia Kirshner actresses will be invited to the first chapter, so we will have the opportunity to enjoy them a bit more. (although I would have preferred Bette enjoy a little more)

Well, we can only wait and see this new series starring our Alice, who loves us all, but very nice and wonderful that it is Alice, much as his character can be developed in a way incredible, by another group of good actresses who will join the new series will know to whom and from whom we fell in love ...... surely will never be the same thing will not be .... The L Word : (.

Since Lesplanet closely followed the confirmation of the rumors and all the good news of our favorite series.

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