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Monday, October 13, 2008

The L Word... of Queen Latifah

Hi girls today I want to tell us about L Word, but not our favorite series of another L Word. the L Word from Queen Latifah, or the L word, your last name starts with L, like the word lesbian or that love, so you've thought about the possibility of naming her next album along with our famous series The L Word, not to say that Queen Latifah has come out of the closet (not badly designed, which is full of coincidences life). On the contrary, she keeps clinging to secrecy about their sexuality in which everyone speaks.

The rumor alleged homosexuality, it became larger in recent weeks, the news by saying that Queen Latifah had taken the decision to commit to her girlfriend, the personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, and eventually decide to marry after the end of the promotion her new film, The Secret Life of Bees.

Apparently, also said the cable, the two had been together for 14 years. And be planning to adopt a child for Christmas. Although everything would be Hush-Hush, far from public attention as possible.

Faced with this news Queen Latifah refuses to make statements, does not want to talk about her personal life.

Last Sunday, said in an interview with the Sunday magazine of The New York Times when asked about her alleged partner with Jenkins: "I have no problems in discussing the topic of homosexuality, but I do have a problem discussing my personal life. That's not what you gonna get. That part of me not being out there. Do not discussed at meetings of my company, is not discussed in Cover Girl or any of the other places where they work. Nobody gets that information. I do not feel the need to share my personal life. I'm not interested if people think that I'm gay or not. That the press take what you want. However, they do. "

Anyway, Queen Latifah knows that, at this point, is a game that has to play, because the subject is in every way. And so, their new album, the eighth, which will be produced by two superstars / legends of hip hop, LL Cool J and Dr. Dre, could be called The L Word, like the series, and come to light at the end of the year.

"The word with 'L' can be anything, right?" Said the diva. "It may be a lesbian, but it can also be love. And I want a bit annoying, why deny it. "So take as they wish.

You believe that?, We can not deny that it is very good marketing for the CD...

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