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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The painting of Leisha

Hi dear inhabitns of LesPlanet, tell them that another of our favorite actresses working for a good cause.
Leisha Hailey has joined the Campaign for Human Rights po Equality. Taking advantage of the moments of rest of the shooting of the last season of The L Word in Vancouver this fall, a fact box for a power auctions on eBay.
The 100% of the revenue from this painting will go to benefit Human Rights.

The Human Rights Committee asked volunteers to some of our favorites in case of performers and actors who contribute to paint their own version of the logo of the Human Rights Committee of the blue and yellow, symbol of equality.

They responded with enthusiasm! The detail of this is that they are all musicians, singers and actors, not painters.

Here I leave them with the pitura made Leisha, we can see that definitely has a talent for painting.

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