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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To the teacher with love ...

Hi girls, today I want to tell a story that has made me think, and makes me think that in future it is possible to create a tolerant society and respects with the homosexuals. Not have people who insult you or you look bad because of the hand with your partner who is of the same sex as you.

That may no longer be necessary to hide in closet to protect you from the others that you judge and discriminate against you because now I think it is possible that this world ..... one day there.

Them a story beautiful, Erin Carden, a first grade teacher who teaches children 6 years at a private school in San Francisco is a lesbian and married her partner Kerri McCoy at City Hall.

Due to the profound affection felt by children, their students by their teacher, the father of one of them had the idea to surprise the teacher on the day of their wedding and organized an excursion.

To justify departures from school because they have a reason, they argued that this was the best way for children to live at first hand the historic moment in which unions between persons of the same sex are beginning to be legal.

The director of the college approved the trip and children went to City Hall in a minibus, accompanied by some mothers, and waited for her teacher left the town hall, and married to her wife, to throw rose petals.

Unfortunately, as always not lack the people trying to tarnish the moment and those who are against gay marriage have used this trip to attack and ask you to vote Yes on Proposition 8, saying that one should not teach anything about gay marriage in schools and also criticized some of the children who attend with T-shirts with announcement in favor of gay marriage and others also carry a plate on which read 'No on 8' calling the gay marriage vote.

This gesture of selfless love of children will not be tarnished by any organization that seeks to promote absurd hatred and discrimination, and take away the right of individuals to choose whom to love and marry legally with the person elected. As much as they bother these people can not change the fact that children accept her teacher with no distinction between heterosexual and gay.

If we encourage this, and not repress the unselfish love that people feel for others regardless of their sexual preference, we will have in the future a better world, do not believe?

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