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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The new surprise to Grey's anatomy...

Hello dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, as you know a few days ago tell us that Melissa George was going to come into Gray's Anatomy as a new doctor and also internal bisexual.

It turns out that this girl will appear as a new character on the day on November 6, will not be a total unknown for at least one of the girls from Seattle Grace Hospital.

And here is where comes the surprise, this girl has had a relationship with one of our stars and guess what: The girl who had a relationship with the character played by Melissa is ..., Meredith Gray.

As well as our story Meredith Gray has already had some experience into the territory of lesbianism ... This is increasingly clear that we will have a season of the most interesting and move ... This season is what most lesbian in the Seattle Grace.

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