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Saturday, June 7, 2008


There Must Be Rules

The episode began in a gym where we find Jennifer and Sam, this tells that has been lying with a girl who had a piercing in "that place".span>

They leave the sauna when crossed with another girl and Sam (which is a sort of more female Shane) looks above, below, and Jennifer tells "I do not tell you have sex with it? And Sam tells him that clear if that according to the rules lesbian when you finish with your partner by 4 time is that it has finished truth and jump to something else.

Jennifer not very convinced of the rules says that she is very well with his girlfriend Sienna without silly rules and that is very happy. Suddenly given how much by the sounds characteristic that a couple is going very well, is dissipated a little smoke and guess who is Sienna (the perfect girlfriend) with his therapist.

Then in the next scene has already spent a year and chatting all in the cafe Beevers (allegory to the vagina). On the one hand this with Sam Becca (her new sex toy), Crutch the smallest group, composed of the couple Kris and Chris, and Jennifer.

All speak of the topic of the moment with the wedding of Sienna Dr. Emily to which all are invited discuss which is perfect gift. Jennifer says she does not intend to go there and see the first rule of lesbians:

Rule No 1 "calculator breaks:relationships do not end until you've broken four times in a row or the couple has been separated for 6 months. Whatever it reaches the first.

Obviously jennifer does not forget to Sienna and the others have to help them do so advise him having sex for fun. Jennifer said that it was not true and that the forgetfulness but still retains a box with things Sienna that exists between the plan from the last dinner together until a T-shirt that sweated Jennifer said that only uses it because it's cold. (a pathetic lie).

Jennifer said that no such list for a new relciĆ³n and Sam tells him to relax and enjoy pure, healthy and non-romantic sex. Jennifer is not showing very well convinced that Sam finishes with: "If I'd break after that you'd lying with half of Seattle I had not imported" with what we learned that both were more than friends at some remote time in the past. At the end they both left to Sam to take Jennifer's wedding (which will be in a little ship by Dra.Emily) to help her with gifts and that and then long.

The wedding day arrive and are loaded gift jennifer wearing the shirt of Sienna aid up inside the boat to Sam with the gift to this point long and meets Sienna, Jennifer tells that single step to help that Sam has to leave because he has to work and turns and sees that he already had departure boat so we want or do not have to be. The poor hold the ceremony between hallucinations and shame sits next to Sam and reminds us of the rule according lesbian:

Rule No. 2: "The ex-girlfriends" ex-girlfriends do not disappear, they become your best friends. Thus will be torture can follow the rest of your natural life.

Then at the time of each dance is going to endorse what the Crises dance with a girl while Jennifer tries to tie very awkwardly with Heather turns out to be the most desirable women throughout the festival (and allll the reason).

Crutch goes to the rescue and takes and advised that before walking and Heather this should crawl out of reach "and that Crutch presents you with another that Sam ends up in the next scene in the fourth between the cleaning and kisses touching, Jennifer does not feel comfortable and apologized to the girl and tells him that she is more than flowers and candles.

Again we see at the party Kris very angry with the other Cris that this very animated conversation with the girl who danced with him before that leads to the third rule:

Rule No. 3 "Tag Lesbian"

Tight jump and grazed on the dance floor is one thing, but maintain even the slightest conversation outside this small and simply wrong.

Then finally, and after the feast are gathered, conversing in Beevers. Both Chris reconcile. And the bird suddenly appears to them to Chris gift to the Sienna and escapes) and all but Sam and Jennifer come running to try to catch it.

Sam stays meditating a bit and asks Jennifer:

Why do people persist in pursuing something that does not want to be caught? Jennifer does not have the answer but finally understood what it really means and pulled the shirt of Sienna and ready to forget this, leave the past and start again.

After seeing the chapters do not miss the comments made by Michelle Paradaise in his video blog.


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