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Saturday, June 7, 2008



All that we know L Word we must know Ilene Chaiken, she is the creative and producing executive and often scriptwriter of the series. Before the great success of L WORD, Chaiken was known in the world of the cinema and the television, she wrote the script of Barb Wire and of the movies for television as Dirty Pictures and Damaged Care. Also she was a coordinating producer of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The Ilene's first step was to speak to them about this project that tape-worm in mentions the executives of Showtime as far back as the year 2000 and not they gave no response, she was sure that was a madness but wanted to share it, until the television channel believed in this madness also and they gave green light to our L WORD. The madness was a series on the lives, problems and sentimental relations of a group of lesbian women, who live in L.A.

Pioneering and bold project, since before habia realized a series with the lesbian subject matter formed so naturally, and never showing openly everything our universe to a society who practically was not knowing everything related to our world. The principal inspiration has it Ilene in your own life is " As an writer, I thought it would be agreeable to say my own histories." Chaiken said in an interview " I write on the people that I know and the world in which I live. " Ilene lives in L.A with your couple, the english architect Miggi Hood, with that it has two 11-year-old twin daughters, Tallulah and August.

Ilene, the group Betty, and that of blue shirt his(her,your) Miggi Hood


Rose Troche is also responsible for the birth of L word, producing director and scriptwriter shares the madness with Ilene Chaiken of showing him to the world, our universe behind the rainbow.

The year 1964 was born in Chicago, The United States, in a family puertoriqueña. It, she graduated as student of cinema in the University of Illinois and began his, your career doing shorts, between which is outlined Let's Go Back to My Apartment and Have Sex (1990) and This War Is Not Over (1991).

Your début like director of cinema was the legendary Go Fish released in the Sundance Film Festival in 1994. The movie was co-written and co - produced together with Guinevere Turner, who was a couple of Troche in this epoch and she is another AUNT of L WORD, actress writer and producing, I take part in L word doing the personage of Gabby Deveaux, (the one that mad tape-worm to Alice in the first season they remember?)

Rose y Guinevere

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