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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Source: caught out of hand

1 .- What we have not yet known to man "with a pair ..", or the male Iberian able to return to all women crazy.

2 .- That we are unable to feel some Frigo orgasms.

3 .- That certainly had some traumatic experience (rape, abuse, etc.). In our childhood or adolescence with a man.

4 .- That was our image paternal disastrous or not we had no father and this resulted in us a desire to "be men of the house."

5 .- What we are ugly, fat, even with some Machorro moustache ... we are unable to accept our femininity.

6 .- who hate men.

7 .- What we are extremely jealous, possessive and violent.

8 .- That makes the role "of man" and another "woman" because it is impossible to love if no man.

9 .- What we always used vibrators as we have no penis because we can not have satisfactory relations and therefore we do not have orgasms.

10 .- Let us all dress as a man, take the short hair, etc.. and that we resent the fund with men because his penis envy and that traumatizes us.

11 .- What we are about our relationships and promiscuity do not last more than two or three years.

12 .- What we have adapted and small because our parents were expecting a boy and had to be pleased.

13 .- Let us all like sports.

14 .- Let us all pro-abortion, indecent or narcissistic

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